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This software uses the capabilities of the OAK-D depth sensor to detect a skeleton (Talent) position in the world. This could be useful in 2 aspects:

1-Billboarding: To correctly place the talent in a 3D environment and allow him/her to move around 3D objects of the scene.

2-DOF: Depth of field effect is when you use the depth measurement of REtracker Pose to focus on the talent and keep everything else out of focus.

To use this software you need to purchase an OAK-D sensor (249$) from: https://store.opencv.ai/products/oak-d


High precision lens calibration software is essential to match the virtual camera with the real camera for perfect tracking. The software generates the camera matrix in addition to the lens distortion parameters, Field of View (FOV) and Normalized Focal data.

REtracker CALIBRATOR is included for free with the software bundle.
However you can purchase it separately if you don't own a REtracker license.