Wanna Make It Stick?

Check below for the tutorial series from Greg Corson.
These videos cover everything you need to deliver a perfect tracked virtual set using Unreal Engine.

REtracker Bliss Tutorials

Virtual Production Project Tutorial from scratch

This tutorial starts from scratch and builds a project that replicates "Neo's apartment from the Matrix". It includes setting up the REtracker Bliss software and connecting through LivelinkBliss

Perfect Nodal Offset. No More Sliding Feet!

Sliding feet and misalignment are a common problem for Virtual Production. RETracker Bliss can measure your lens nodal point and tracking offset to fix this for you. All you need to do is add an Apriltag the let Bliss do the magic!

Instantly align UE sets and real studios using Aruco Markers!

To do a virtual production shoot you need to align your virtual set and real studio so things on both of them will line up properly. Here's a method to instantly do this without a lot of tedious measuring and doing alignment by eye. You just put an aruco tag in your studio, put a matching one in the virtual set, two clicks and everything lines up instantly! A real time saver and it works with any tracking system.

Make your Unreal Virtual Production more realistic.
A tool to match real lights with CG ones.

When you composite a real set with a virtual set, your lighting needs to match. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just point to a light in your real studio and have a matching light appear in your virtual set? Well, that's what this tutorial does!

Basic Camera Calibration

To get good virtual production results you may need to calibrate your camera lens to remove distortion, the curving of lines that should be straight. The process gives you an accurate field-of-view and focal length for your lens too, this helps setting up the virtual camera. This tutorial shows how.

Find your lens Nodal Point easily for better Virtual Production results!

No tracking hardware needed! Fastest and simplest way to do it with a mount

Camera Rigs for Virtual Production

Use a cage and monitor mount to mount your tracker, way more stable and less likely to get knocked out of alignment while shooting!

RETracker Fizz Tutorials

Part 1/3

Setting up the Nucleus-M Tilta Setting up REtracker FIZZ

Part 2/3

Creating an Unreal Engine 5 project from scratch to be ready for REtracker Fizz and REtracker Bliss

Part 3/3

The road to perfection: This tutorial helps you integrate your lens data (Focus, Iris, Zoom) directly in Unreal Engine. There is no need for any extra software besides UE5. (90% of this tutorial is helpful for other lens encoding systems)

Extra 1/3

Firmware update guide

Extra 2/3

User settings guide

Extra 3/3

Connecting the Fizz to the Nucleus Nano II